yeast infection home remediesTry refraining from sex. The infection can be contagious and spread to your partner. If you do have sex, wear a condom. I know how it feels to be sexually active, I am one myself (pardon my French.) But, make things easier for yourself and for your partner in this type of situation.

Make sure you understand how your yeast infection home remedy will work before using it. You also need to understand exactly how to use it. It is very important that you know whether or not it is something you apply or take orally. This can be the major difference between something that is effective and ineffective. Reading the directions can really go a long way.

Yogurt: You can use yogurt to get rid of yeast infection but you have to use the one that has no sugar element because sugar contributes to the problem of yeast. Yeast will grow more than proportion and to cure it will be difficult.

home remedies for yeast infection Apply unsweetened pro-biotic yogurt in the vaginal area. The bacteria present in yogurt will kill the yeast present in the skin and relieve you of vaginal itching almost immediately. Garlic is used as a natural remedy for various purposes for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Garlic effectively fights off the fungus and also prevents its overgrowth and multiplication. You can apply garlic paste directly to the affected areas (except the genitals) for quick relief. Secondly, including garlic in your diet or having garlic capsules also help to cure yeast infection naturally.

Well, out of all the yeast infection home remedies out there, one method that is quite potent is the use of tea tree oil. Tea tree oh has been used as an herbal remedy for many, many years. Just head on over to the local supplement store and pick yourself up a small bottle of this oil. Now once you have the bottle, pick up some tampons and olive oil as well. Why the olive oil? Well, what you’re going to have to do is coat half of the tampon with the olive oil. This will act as a base, then you’re going to put a couple of drops of the tea tree oil on top of the olive oil.

Yogurt is the number 1 natural treatment. If you apply plain yogurt on a tampon 2 to 3 times a day in your area you might see an improvement. Eating yogurt is also a good way to prevent it.

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