In this article I am going to share the home remedies which worked to treat my infection. Although I am not sure whether these will work for all other sufferers I sincerely hope it does.

The usual times for this are when the hormones are not normal (I already knew that!) like during my menstrual period, or if I get pregnant, or when I’ll be in menopause. I think it really gets aggravated when I take my oral contraceptives, so I have to talk to my OB-Gyn about that. Antibiotics and steroids seem to affect it too which is a great reason to keep from getting sick. My swimming habits may be partially to blame, since I like sitting around in my bathing suit and chatting after doing my laps. And the hardest part: I have to cut down on my sugar! I’ve got a super sweet tooth – which is why I need to swim – and I love my daily cinnamon roll with a spiced frappuccino. All the better for me, I guess. That much less weight to lose and much less time looking for a yeast infection home remedy.

yeast infection home remedies Avoid anything caustic or scented. These items can cause redness and irritation in your vaginal region. The delicate vaginal tissues can become irritated and inflamed by many of these products and interfere with natural lubrication. This will make you more likely to get a yeast infection. Nothing more than regular bath soap should be used to clean your vagina.

Try to avoid wearing tight undergarments and instead you can try wearing loose cotton undergarments. This will reduce friction and will allow your skin to breathe.

Some babies seem to contract yeast infections frequently. If your baby has two or more yeast infections, either in the diaper area or in his mouth within a three-month period, his immune system may need a little help in fighting off the fungus. Change his diaper as soon as he soils it and dust the diaper area lightly after drying with plain cornstarch. Don’t wash your own hands with antibacterial soap. Use plain soap and throw away the baby wipes. Snip the elastic waist and leg areas on your baby’s disposable diapers in order to let more air in.

There are many symptoms of candida. With a vaginal yeast infection there could be burning and itching of the vaginal area. There will be a whitish, thick discharge that is of the consistency of cottage cheese.

home remedies for yeast infection Consider a glass of water that is mixed with grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract. It is relatively tasty and is a proven and simple remedy.

There are other methods as well as using yogurt to clear your yeast infection. Garlic can also be very effective. Again, you can start to consume more of it, or if you want faster results you can insert a clove into the vagina at night, removing it in the morning. This can work quickly in reducing the bad bacteria.

I searched the Internet, asked my family, found some great books in the store. 2-3 weeks of treatment (herbs, juices and other) saved me from this “HELL”. Yes, UTI came back a couple of times, but i already knew what to do and it didn’t stay for long. Now i do not have urinary tract infection, i got rid of yeast infection too! I’m so happy and pain free!

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