You don’t have to spend money on expensive medication, doctors or drugs. You can cure them naturally by following a holistic approach that only a few follow.

Yogurt is another home remedy you can try on your vital organ. You can apply this directly over the affected area or put this on a tampon. This should be applied twice a day. If you don’t have yogurt, try using curds instead.

Select anti-fungal herbs such as marigold. Marigold is a flower that is believed to have anti-fungal properties. Its leaves are the source of its medicinal properties against fungus and are often ground and the liquid is extracted for therapeutic use. This is also amongst the commonly used home remedies for yeast infection cure. Yogurt contains a high amount of good bacteria, which makes it a perfect choice for such cures. You can simply apply this on the infected area several times a day and get fast relief from this problem. For treating yeast infection during pregnancy eating yogurt is very helpful for your body to fight off this infection.

Sometimes the best home remedy for yeast can you prevent all together. You can help to prevent by not wearing too tight jeans or non-cotton underwear. Avoid too often wear pantyhose because it can allow for the yeast to grow. Do not spend long periods of time after swimming in a wet bathing suit. You should also some products that have been made as a feminine care products such as shower and vaginal Deodorizers. These products end up killing the good bacteria present and the undesirable growing. Some foods such as sugar, refined flour and yeast with food should be avoided, if the infection should fight.

Some women make the mistake in treating themselves as if they have a yeast infection. If you never had one the first step you should take is see your doctor so he can do a proper diagnostic on you.

yeast infection home remedies Before using yeast medication, you must ensure that what you are suffering from is really yeast infection if not your condition / ailment may actually become worse.

Combine Apple cider vinegar and garlic – Two cups of water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus garlic makes a very good douching solution. Just make sure you keep it for a while to keep the garlic’s “power” to mix.

A lot of research has yet to be done on tea tree oil as a yeast infection home remedy. Experts therefore aren’t ready to recommend it as a treatment. It’s one of the most powerful essential oils out there, but this also means that it could be harmful. Like apple cider vinegar, it must be diluted before applying it directly to the vaginal area.

Dd you know that the very medicine that you may be prescribed or using for your yeast infection can cause reoccurring or an infection that never seems to completely go away? It is true. It works like this. The antibiotic kills off the yeast. Yes this sounds like what is what you want. But, along with killing off the yeast also known as the ‘bad’ bacteria, it also will kill off the ‘good’ bacteria that your body needs.

Let’s talk about a couple of these home remedies. Yogurt would be the most known cure for yeast infection. Because of the good bacteria yogurt has it will balance your yeast growth and keep you from having the pain and burning sensation. Buttermilk is also another good option. Drinking 2 cups of buttermilk everyday will help you in your fight with yeast infection. If you’re looking for a home remedy to prevent yeast infection even from happening this would be the ultimate choice. Drinking buttermilk everyday can make wonders.