home remedy for yeast infectionApple cider vinegar is also very useful to cure this infection. Ensure that you dilute it with water before use. After diluting take a clean cotton swab and apply on the vaginal area.

Maintaining that balance is what sets the home remedies apart from the anti-fungals. You will cure your infection and keep your body healthy so that another one doesn’t start. The other benefit of these home remedies is that the relief you get from the wonderful symptoms is almost immediate! How great is that?

Garlic is a substance that can be found in almost every home. It is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties making it one of the best home remedies for yeast infection. It should be placed in the vaginal cavity to create an environment that is inhibitory to the candida albicans. To do this simply peel a clove of garlic and wrap it in a piece of cheese cloth or gauze then add a small amount of olive oil for lubrication then insert it into the vagina. Leave it for a few hours and that should do the trick. For best results though, leave it in overnight.

Have you ever tried suppository when you were young? Well, garlic can be used in the same way, as a suppository! Garlic is known to have a natural anti-fungal agent and will do wonders.

There are several methods that you can try out as a home remedy for yeast. One way to treat or even avoid a yeast infection, eat yogurt. Yogurt probiotics has as lactobacilli are known to block the growth of the yeast. Garlic is also another well-known foods you can rid of yeast. You can eat it or put a clove of garlic directly into the vagina for immediate relief.

One of the best yeast infection home remedies is to use apple cider vinegar and wash the affected area. By using diluted apple cider vinegar you can successfully stop the yeast from growing.

Hopefully, the next time you are having a yeast infection you plagued think twice. Into memory to run out and buy over the counter remedies Enter a home remedy for yeast a shot first.

Now we have looked at some of the things that cause this sore and unpleasant condition. I would like to share my personally tested yeast infection home remedy.

Garlic is another effective option. Find some garlic pods, make them into a paste, and then apply it to the relevant area. Obviously there may be a bit of burning when placed in more sensitive areas like the vagina. You can also cut a few pods and then wrap them in cheesecloth. Then just insert this into the vagina. Let the ends of the cheesecloth just hang loose for easy withdrawal and remove it totally after about 20-25 minutes.

If you’re not a fan of choking something down, then I wouldn’t recommend this remedy. Even though this is gross, if you mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of water and drink it, you will eventually begin to notice that your symptoms will begin to go away. This is a very popular treatment for many conditions including acid reflux, just so you know.

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