Drinking cranberry juice, that is both unsweetened and not from concentrate, is considered to be good for anyone who has vaginal yeast infection because the pH level in the vaginal cavity will be changed. So, your body can easily flush out the yeast from your body system.

yeast infection home remediesThe alternate word for heartburn is acid reflux. It is a disorder caused by an imbalance of the chemical composition in the body the attack of acid reflux in the esophagus when it is supposed to be only in the stomach.

yeast infection home remedies First, a word of warning. The yogurt needs to be the plain variety. That means that there are no added sugars, coloring or fruit. Then you need to check that the container or label says “live and active cultures”. Ask the store assistant to help if need be.

One of the most well known home remedies for treating this problem is yogurt. Yogurt which contains probiotics, or active cultures, can treat a yeast infection because its healthy bacteria can ward off yeast. Apply plain yogurt which contains active cultures directly to the area which is infected. The easiest way to do this is by inserting a yogurt-covered tampon into the vagina. Remember that it will make a mess, so it is best to also wear a sanitary napkin.

This is another yeast infection home remedy that works really well. A clove of garlic when inserted can give a lot of relief from the irritating sensation almost instantly. If it is repeated a number of times throughout the day then the infection can get cured in a matter of 2-3 days.

home remedies for yeast infection A key tip in prevent yeast infections is to dry yourself thoroughly after each shower. This is due to that fact that yeast will thrive in a moist environment so making sure that you are totally dry after each shower should help you prevent any future Candidiasis that may occur.

Probiotics refers to the balance of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. There are products in health food stores that you can take to balance your system or you can eat certain foods that have a probiotic positive effect on your system.

Sweet things are definitely out of the question as these are sources of high carbohydrates. If you are serious about curing your yeast infection, then you need to stay away from anything sweet. Some places would recommend eating yogurt to cure yeast infection. Well, I am no exception. I strongly recommend a daily intake of yogurt. Once a day before lunchtime works fine. One thing to note however, is that you need to get the UNSWEETENED kind. I personally know of many flavored yogurts that taste great but the only ones you can go for are the sour probiotic natural ones.