yeast infection home remediesMost people will quickly run to the nearest pharmacy to get some over the counter medication the moment they find out they have a yeast infection. While this is advertised to work, these medications do not treat the actual infection. The only thing these types of medications do is treat the symptoms of the infection.

yeast infection home remedies One thing people with candida should take note of is that carbohydrates may aggravate your condition. As carbohydrates form a main part of many people’s diet, this becomes a problem when people do not keep their diet in check. Sometimes, even after yeast infection is cured, it comes back very quickly because the afflicted person starts taking in carbohydrates once they see their symptoms disappearing. This is a big mistake as 9 in 10 times the yeast will come back.

Head to the yogurt aisle and check out your options. You will want to find a tub of yogurt that is completely unflavored. This means no berry blast or lemon meringue flavored yogurt. Plain white yogurt will do, but make sure there are active bacteria present. You may want to pick up some tampons if you don’t have any at home.

Another one of the many home remedies for yeast infection is to drink at least two glasses of buttermilk each day, whether you have a yeast infection or not.

Dd you know that the very medicine that you may be prescribed or using for your yeast infection can cause reoccurring or an infection that never seems to completely go away? It is true. It works like this. The antibiotic kills off the yeast. Yes this sounds like what is what you want. But, along with killing off the yeast also known as the ‘bad’ bacteria, it also will kill off the ‘good’ bacteria that your body needs.

Yeast infections are the kind of infection that is visible on human skin or mucous like membrane. yeast infection home remedy For DogsCandida is the fungi that plays a vital part in development of yeast infection on human skin. Candida looks like large round colonies that colored white, gray or cream. One of the most popular species for Candida is the Candida Albicans. Well, this is not the single most species that can cause yeast infection for you. There are few other species of Candida that can too bring yeast infection for human.

Apart from home remedies, Cranberry pills have also proven to be useful against yeast infection. This is available over the counter and it’s ingredients help the body’s immune system fight the fungus from spreading so it will be able to reach normal levels.

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