For persistent vaginal infections, honey is a great treatment for it. Honey is a great way to increase the good bacteria in the body. These good bacteria helps prevent yeast from becoming infectious. So smear some raw honey to the part infected. After 8 minutes take a bath or shower using non-medicated soap.

It is a natural yeast infection home remedy and also a natural antibiotic and garlic paste or garlic tablets can be found in any organic stores. Another yeast infection home remedy is to have cranberry juice. Cranberries are used to treat urinary infections. Cranberries have certain properties which inhibit bacteria from clinging to the walls of the urinary tract.

yeast infection home remedies and natural cures that can get rid of most common infections; The most talked about home remedy using Yogurt. All you have to do istake a tampon and dip it in yogurt. Insert in the vagina, twice a day. Continue this remedy for an extra day after your symptoms go away.

One of the most efficient methods to cure yeast infection would be to cleanse the region with diluted apple cider vinegar. This effectively prevents outgrowth of infection. To reduce itching, immerse a clove of garlic in the diluted apple cider vinegar and apply to affected area.

Yogurt: You can use yogurt to get rid of yeast infection but you have to use the one that has no sugar element because sugar contributes to the problem of yeast. Yeast will grow more than proportion and to cure it will be difficult.

Blow dry your private area. Accomplish this by lifting a leg and blowing warm air between your legs. Be sure to focus on your pubic hair. It’s the moisture from this area that often causes yeast infections. Make this process a part of your regular shower and bath routine until you see results.

Apply warm honey on the infection and let stay for 20 minutes before washing off. It provides for relief and speeds the process of healing. This is one of the best home remedies for yeast infection in pregnant women – safe and no harmful side effects.

A yeast infection can be controlled by using apple cider vinegar by applying a small amount of this on a cotton ball. You will feel a slight sting afterward and this can be countered by mixing this with some garlic. Also, apple cider vinegar will smell but you can take care of this with some water.

There are a couple of things you should look for before choosing a home remedy. One of those things is the availability. Make sure there is somewhere to find the items and/or ingredients required make the remedy. The second thing is of course, the price. Although, you should have no problems with price, especially since these types of remedies are so affordable.

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