Combine Apple cider vinegar and garlic – Two cups of water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus garlic makes a very good douching solution. Just make sure you keep it for a while to keep the garlic’s “power” to mix.

Head to the yogurt aisle and check out your options. You will want to find a tub of yogurt that is completely unflavored. This means no berry blast or lemon meringue flavored yogurt. Plain white yogurt will do, but make sure there are active bacteria present. You may want to pick up some tampons if you don’t have any at home.

Eating a lot of plain, unsweetened yogurt is definitely a easy way to stop and yeast infection home remedies. The bacteria within yogurt will protect against the candida. You can even apply a tiny amount of yogurt about the infected area and wait a couple of minutes before washing it well.

Why are these active cultures important? Well, one in particular called Lactobacillus acidophilus is what is termed a ‘good’ or ‘beneficial’ bacteria. And it’s important because it’s one of the many good bacteria we have in our bodies. This one manages the numbers of Candida Albicans — which also occur naturally in our bodies — so that they don’t overgrow and cause yeast infections.

Drinking vinegar and bathing in vinegar is also considered a yeast infection home remedy. In severe cases of vaginal thrush, you can actually fill a bath with a warm water and vinegar solution. This is thought to help restore the pH balance on the skin. Vinegar is also effective as a soothing wipe for the labia. Sitting in the bath of vinegar and water is recommended for infections that include extreme itching. Vinegar cools the vaginal area and kills the fungi.

With natural home remedies for yeast infection you don’t harm the good bacteria. This way you are more able to maintain a healthy environment and keep the yeast in check.

Drink at least 2 glasses of buttermilk daily, whether infected or not. In fact making curds a part of the daily diet in take decreases the probability of yeast infection.

Sweet things are definitely out of the question as these are sources of high carbohydrates. If you are serious about curing your yeast infection, then you need to stay away from anything sweet. Some places would recommend eating yogurt to cure yeast infection. Well, I am no exception. I strongly recommend a daily intake of yogurt. Once a day before lunchtime works fine. One thing to note however, is that you need to get the UNSWEETENED kind. I personally know of many flavored yogurts that taste great but the only ones you can go for are the sour probiotic natural ones.