yeast infection home remediesBeer: Beer is brewed with potassium sorbet, to ensure that yeast doesn’t growth of yeast, as it might over power the other products. Potassium sorbet can be purchased wherever you can buy home brew kits and you can also use it to stop the growth of yeast in your vagina. You will need to mix 1 tablespoon of potassium sorbet in one cup of water. After this you need to dip a tampon in your mixture.

Use white vinegar. You can also put white vinegar on a tampon applicator after showering once a day. However if symptoms persist, it is not recommended to keep applying white vinegar longer than one week.

yeast infection home remedies All over the internet and book stores, you will find write-ups about how “fast” a cure “proven” yeast infection medication is. You will also be told that natural yeast infection cures are “dubious” at best…

Watch the foods you are eating and you’ll see that your exposure to yeast infections will drop. Hard to believe something as simple as your diet can play such an important part in yeast infection prevention.

For a simple yeast infection home remedy (, you might be told to dip a tampon into plain yoghurt. The tampon is then inserted into the vagina twice daily. This is thought to destroy the fungi that cause vaginal thrush with active yoghurt cultures. Yoghurt is one of the oldest of the home remedies for any type of yeast infection and can also be applied directly to the skin. Eating yoghurt is also thought to strengthen the immune system, making it more difficult for infections to take control of the body. Yoghurt that is used to treat infection should be sugar and dye-free. Unflavoured yoghurt is always the best option for this use.

With natural home remedies for yeast infection you don’t harm the good bacteria. This way you are more able to maintain a healthy environment and keep the yeast in check.

One of the best natural treatments out there for vaginal yeast infections is yogurt. It helps to get rid of all bad bacteria. You can use yogurt for direct vaginal application or eat up a whole lot of it for quick relief from the infection.

Lactobacillus acidophilus – Not all bacteria is bad. These bacteria can be found in many parts of our body, especially in the gut and inside of the vagina. Its presence prevents other more nasty germs, like the yeast candida albicans, from growing out of control.