Rule #2: Fighting is out, balance is in. We talk about yeast as though we’re fighting a war. Candida lives throughout your system, even in a healthy body. You don’t need to knock it out or beat it back. You do need to address the root of the problem, but not by thinking you’re going to eliminate yeast. Instead, you’ll restore the balance in your body and promote a strong, healthy personal biosystem, so you don’t get overwhelmed by Candida overgrowth.

yeast infection home remedies

Garlic is another yeast infection home remedy that you can apply. All you need to do is to take one clove and insert it into the vagina. This is very effective since garlic has been a healing wonder for various diseases. If you prefer, you can also take in garlic by crushing a fresh clove into small pieces, and swallow them with water.

Cold coconut oil is one of the best natural remedy available in every home. So you should use it as medicine. Cold coconut oil should be applied on the vaginal area in a day for two-three times to remove this kind of infection. Like boric acid it also has the property of anti-fungal. It helps to kill the infection.

For persistent vaginal infections, honey is a great treatment for it. Honey is a great way to increase the good bacteria in the body. These good bacteria helps prevent yeast from becoming infectious. So smear some raw honey to the part infected. After 8 minutes take a bath or shower using non-medicated soap.

Aside from the home remedies for yeast infection, you can also avoid such condition. To prevent it, do not wear tight underwear or other tight acrylic garments. Use loose-fitting panties and cotton underwear.

yeast infection home remedies Yogurt. Given that the yogurt has a lot of active good bacteria in it, it is a good weapon to get rid of candidiasis. You simply need to apply plain yogurt directly to the infected skin for around 10 to 15 minutes in a day. This application must be continuous until you see all the symptoms disappear.

Drinking cranberry juice, that is both unsweetened and not from concentrate, is considered to be good for anyone who has vaginal yeast infection because the pH level in the vaginal cavity will be changed. So, your body can easily flush out the yeast from your body system.

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