yeast infection home remedy

Use white vinegar. You can also put white vinegar on a tampon applicator after showering once a day. However if symptoms persist, it is not recommended to keep applying white vinegar longer than one week.

Drinking cranberry juice, that is both unsweetened and not from concentrate, is considered to be good for anyone who has vaginal yeast infection because the pH level in the vaginal cavity will be changed. So, your body can easily flush out the yeast from your body system.

Even though it is not usually life threatening, vaginal thrush can be extremely painful. Many women begin researching frantically for a yeast infection home remedy as soon as the symptoms present. These indications might include painful urination, swelling of the labia and a bright red rash. If you have ever had a yeast infection, you will recognize the pain and itching immediately. Since the symptoms do vary from person to person, you might also have raised red bumps around the vaginal area or even rashes on other parts of your body. Regardless of the symptoms, an infection is not pleasant to deal with for any woman.

I got urinary tract infection (UTI). I couldn’t sleep that night, it hurt so much. In 2 days i was at the doctor’s office learning about this disease and hoping to get rid of it as soon as possible. Doctor prescribed some antibiotics and let me go home. Ohhhh… i had such a relieve – no pain, no burning, no restrooms every 5-10 min.

home remedies for yeast infection Most of the treatments a doctor can give you will not cure the root of the cause and will only slow the infection down and relieve you of some of the discomfort. You need something that will take it further and will reach down to the root cause of your infection and stop it in its’ tracks for good.

Keep your immune system built up. The use of antibiotics can weaken your immune system and eliminate some of the “good” bacteria the body needs. If someone is suffering from yeast infections, many doctors recommend discontinuing the use of antibiotics and letting the body build up its natural resistance.

yeast infection home remedies Head to the yogurt aisle and check out your options. You will want to find a tub of yogurt that is completely unflavored. This means no berry blast or lemon meringue flavored yogurt. Plain white yogurt will do, but make sure there are active bacteria present. You may want to pick up some tampons if you don’t have any at home.

Although, The woman’s genital area is moist it is usually regarded as a safe place because of the acid found there, but unfortunately this is where the majority of female yeast infections begin. This happens when the friendly bacteria, which is called acidophiles, increases causing an imbalance. Antibiotics are known to be one of the main causes as well as the birth pill and diabetes. Women are more susceptible during pregnancy and their menstruation period.

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