Candida also shows up in blood so a blood test can be done to find out if you are suffering symptoms of candida. This test can be done with a finger prick that you do at home or a tube of blood may be taken at the doctor’s office.

yeast infection home remediesAnother yeast infection home remedy is tea tree oil which is a natural anti-fungal. It can be applied directly into the vagina. As with the yogurt, just soak the end of a tampon in the undiluted oil and then insert into the vagina. You should see benefits within a few days if you do this in the morning and at night. Another alternative is to apply the oil to a panty liner, or even a towel, and then just dab the affected area with it. Try whatever application method makes you most comfortable. The oil is likely to sting a little initially but that should ease fairly quickly.

Sweet things are definitely out of the question as these are sources of high carbohydrates. If you are serious about curing your yeast infection, then you need to stay away from anything sweet. Some places would recommend eating yogurt to cure yeast infection. Well, I am no exception. I strongly recommend a daily intake of yogurt. Once a day before lunchtime works fine. One thing to note however, is that you need to get the UNSWEETENED kind. I personally know of many flavored yogurts that taste great but the only ones you can go for are the sour probiotic natural ones.

Garlic has long been known as a natural home remedies for yeast infection. There are two options on the use of garlic the first being, make a past of garlic cloves and apply to skin surrounding the vaginal area this may cause some burning but can be very effective. The second way to utilize the great properties of garlic is too cut a few cloves in half , wrap in cheesecloth and insert in the vaginal canal for about twenty minutes then remove.

Try refraining from sex. The infection can be contagious and spread to your partner. If you do have sex, wear a condom. I know how it feels to be sexually active, I am one myself (pardon my French.) But, make things easier for yourself and for your partner in this type of situation.

I lived with this disease for 3 years (reacquiring almost every month). Doctors told me that it became chronic and there is no way to get rid of it completely. After taking so many medications i started having yeast infection…soon it became chronic as well. I was so lost and soooo hopeless.

Eating a lot of plain, unsweetened yogurt is definitely a easy way to stop and yeast infection home remedies. The bacteria within yogurt will protect against the candida. You can even apply a tiny amount of yogurt about the infected area and wait a couple of minutes before washing it well.

One of the common remedy options is using curds or yogurt. Just apply yogurt to the subject area for roughly 60 minutes. If you have a vaginal yeast infection, you should consider soaking a tampon with this substance and then letting it sit in the infected area. Check it regularly and look to replace it a few times a day. The bacteria from the yogurt or curds works to replace the candida bacteria and should help to reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

If you are having a yeast infection, you need to know that garlic naturally inhibits yeast. Some people advise using tabs of garlic or cloves, placing them in the vagina. You can also take garlic internally if this is your preference. Garlic will make the itching and burning sensation disappear while fighting off the infection.