Drink at least 2 glasses of buttermilk daily, whether infected or not. In fact making curds a part of the daily diet in take decreases the probability of yeast infection.

The usual times for this are when the hormones are not normal (I already knew that!) like during my menstrual period, or if I get pregnant, or when I’ll be in menopause. I think it really gets aggravated when I take my oral contraceptives, so I have to talk to my OB-Gyn about that. Antibiotics and steroids seem to affect it too which is a great reason to keep from getting sick. My swimming habits may be partially to blame, since I like sitting around in my bathing suit and chatting after doing my laps. And the hardest part: I have to cut down on my sugar! I’ve got a super sweet tooth – which is why I need to swim – and I love my daily cinnamon roll with a spiced frappuccino. All the better for me, I guess. That much less weight to lose and much less time looking for a yeast infection home remedy.

One of the most important factor in treating a yeast infection is proper diet. The first thing that should go out of your food list is sugar and foods made of sugar. This is because yeast has a tendency to grow and multiply with sugary foods. Hence, it is better to avoid foods like fruit juice, syrups, white or brown sugar and even sugar free substitutes and sweeteners. It is also important to avoid things including chocolates, caffeine, alcohol and those that contain gluten in them.

One of the best home remedies for yeast infection is tea tree oil. To make use of tea tree oil to treat yeast infection you will need to mix the tea tree oil with rubbing alcohol and then keep it in a dropper. Once this is done, the next thing will be to make use of the solution once per day for the next one week. This will go a long way in help you cleanse your vagina. This work great for women.

yeast infection home remedies Garlic will appease the itching and the burning of a fungal infection. Eating garlic should help prevent Candidiasis, but you can also apply a small clove of garlic on the infected area to make the itching disappear. Wash thoroughly after applying the garlic and repeat as often as necessary.

Wear cotton undergarments. This will allow proper air circulation that nylon products may stop. Avoid sweetened food, alcohol and caffeine! You can drink coffee but make sure you just drink ONE cup a day. Cut down on sugar in your coffee; I used to use 2.5 teaspoons of sugar for my coffee but now I only use 1/2 teaspoon. Guess what? My coffee tastes better with less sugar! Sometimes I even drink coffee without adding any sugar.

Probiotics, also known as good bacteria, is a popular method of treating yeast infections naturally. Probiotics combat the growth of harmful elements such as Candida in the human body. Probiotics can be taken orally, there are also suppositories available.

Application and Consumption of Garlic: The therapy of garlic is same as that of yoghurt except the quantity that is required is very much less than that of yoghurt. Garlic should be consumed along with every meal too and its paste should be applied on the infected parts for it to work as an infection treatment. Slices of garlic can also be placed upon the infected region for at least 20 minutes or so.

One of the most efficient methods to cure yeast infection would be to cleanse the region with diluted apple cider vinegar. This effectively prevents outgrowth of infection. To reduce itching, immerse a clove of garlic in the diluted apple cider vinegar and apply to affected area.