yeast infection home remedy

Many have found that using oregano oil is a great method for treating a yeast infection. Most take oregano oil internally, straight off a spoon. It doesn’t taste pleasant, but it has proven an excellent way to fight off an infection. This oil is high in carvacrol, which is one of the best elements to combat an infection. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting to take regular oregano oil.

It is also imperative to keep the vaginal area clean to prevent more of the bad bacteria developing. Try to avoid tight fitting underwear, which can result in the vaginal area sweating. Also try to wear underwear made from cotton, instead of synthetic materials.

Now we have looked at some of the things that cause this sore and unpleasant condition. I would like to share my personally tested yeast infection home remedy.

home remedies for yeast infection Tea Tree Oil is another good way of getting rid of that fishy smell. It works in a similar way to apple cider vinegar. However be cautious, because some women can find that Tea Tree Oil can cause irritation around the vaginal area. If this happens to you, stop using it straight away.

One of the common remedy options is using curds or yogurt. Just apply yogurt to the subject area for roughly 60 minutes. If you have a vaginal yeast infection, you should consider soaking a tampon with this substance and then letting it sit in the infected area. Check it regularly and look to replace it a few times a day. The bacteria from the yogurt or curds works to replace the candida bacteria and should help to reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

yeast infection home remedies Sweet things are definitely out of the question as these are sources of high carbohydrates. If you are serious about curing your yeast infection, then you need to stay away from anything sweet. Some places would recommend eating yogurt to cure yeast infection. Well, I am no exception. I strongly recommend a daily intake of yogurt. Once a day before lunchtime works fine. One thing to note however, is that you need to get the UNSWEETENED kind. I personally know of many flavored yogurts that taste great but the only ones you can go for are the sour probiotic natural ones.

Yes there is, Urine Therapy can help aid in preventing a yeast infection outbreak. They always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. So why not use urine therapy as a prevention. Ingesting a small amount of your own urine in the morning (capturing it mid stream) will help boost your immune system. Its the Urea in your urine helps heal and aid in all sort of health related issues in your body.

Yogurt can be really useful for it helps restore acid-bacteria balance in where you want to. This is important. As mentioned earlier, you need a good balance of bacteria, pH and so on to avoid one type of microorganism from taking advantage. Applying 1 or 2 tablespoons on or into the area affected is fine. It can also be used as a douche by diluting with warm water are both effective.

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